Photography Session Information

Get the photography session so you can enjoy the party! The photography session has two parts, the Party Picture session and the Safari Photo Booth session. The Party Picture session starts during the cake cutting. It will last for approximately 15 minutes. After that, there is an additional 15 minutes for the Safari photo booth session. Everyone in the party is welcome to take pictures at the photo booth. We have props available which the guests may use to pose for the pictures. The photo taken from the photo booth will be cropped in to a Safari theme picture. Please coordinate with our staff if you have a specific time for the photography session.

All photos taken will be enhanced by our photography team to ensure the best quality. The photos will become available within one week after party. A link will be sent to the party host email to view the photos. The entire album will contain 15 or more pictures taken during the photo sessions. The photos may be purchased directly online. Below is the pricing

-Single digital download will be $10

-Full album digital download will be $120. (Photo pricing is subject to change)